Trang chủ Ngày 25/12 Tổng hợp lời chúc Giáng sinh bằng tiếng Anh ý nghĩa dành...

Tổng hợp lời chúc Giáng sinh bằng tiếng Anh ý nghĩa dành tặng sếp

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Không chỉ đồng nghiệp mà Sếp cũng là thành phần bạn không nên bỏ qua trong dịp Giáng sinh này. Những món quà độc đáo, những tấm thiệp ý nghĩa hay những lời chúc Giáng sinh an lành dành tặng sếp sẽ giúp bạn “ghi điểm” hiệu quả. Hãy cùng khám phá nhé!

lời chúc Giáng sinh ý nghĩa dành tặng sếp

1. Before we all leave for the Christmas vacation, thank you, boss, for being an adviser and a friend.

2. Celebrating Christmas this office has provided me with a profound appreciation for hard work and dedication.

3. Boss, all of the hard work has truly paid off this Christmas; my faith in the real meaning of the holiday has truly been restored and rejuvenated.

4. While it will be a few days before I see you again, I wish you the merriest of Christmas with your family and friends.

5. From all of us here at the company, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a truly Happy New Year.



6. You have inspired me, and that is one of the greatest gifts I will receive this Christmas season.

7. Being motivated to work harder and to accomplish more goals have provided me with a sense of pride as I move forward into the new year. For that, I owe you the greatest of thanks.

8. During this Christmas break, we’ll be thinking of you and the memories you’ll make!

9. Thank you for a fantastic year and for inspiring us through each and every obstacle.

lời chúc Giáng sinh ý nghĩa dành tặng sếp

10. Christmas is a time for reflecting on all that has happened in the year, and when I think of my greatest sources of inspiration, you are one of the most images that I see.

11. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being a great boss and a great source of inspiration and motivation.

12. This Christmas, my family and I will keep you in our prayers

13. Here’s a little token of appreciation from the team to you; have a very Merry Christmas, woohoo!

14. Our team wouldn’t be the same without you! Merry Christmas!

15. Thank you for guiding us through obstacles and determination; we’re sure in the new year many more goals we’ll all be makin’!

16. The spirit of Christmas is alive and well in this office. Thank you for that.

17. Know that we appreciate all you have done to help us succeed, and we look forward to another year of achieving our dreams.

lời chúc Giáng sinh ý nghĩa dành tặng sếpVẫn biết vật chất là điều không quan trọng trong tình cảm, nhưng bạn cũng nên gửi quà noel cùng những lời chúc Giáng sinh ý nghĩa cho Sếp trong dịp này nhé! Đó là một chút tình cảm của bạn dành cho cấp trên của mình.

Chúc các bạn có được mùa Giáng sinh ấm áp, an lành!